Tech Specs

Video Format AVI
Video Resolution 1280x720
Lens Angle 120 degrees
Video Ratio 16:9
Video Framerate 30 frames per second
External Memory Micro SD card
USB Slot Mini-USB (8 pin)
Battery Life 2.5 Hours
Voltage DC-5V
USB Compatible Systems Windows (me/2000/xp/2003/vista/7/8) - Mac os - Linux
Video Player Any player that can decode M-JPEG and play AVI files (Windows Media, Quick Time, MPC, VLC).
Product Images
  1. Lens
  2. USB Slot
  3. LED indicator
  4. Hole to attach necklace (necklace not included )
  5. Start recording/stop recording button
  6. ON/OFF Power button
  7. Micro SD card slot
  8. Pin
User Manual
Keep The Party Going

The ReliveTONIGHT™ Nemesis Cam is perfect for ANY social occasion! It makes a great gift for anyone celebrating a 21st birthday, bachelor, or bachelorette party, and is a MUST HAVE for bar crawls, spring break, and New Year's Eve.

You can even customize the design to fit the occasion! Its design allows it to fit into any social scene and its 150 minutes of continuous recording ability means you don't have to worry about missing a thing!

All data is recorded to a removable micro SD card and can be easily uploaded with the included USB cord.

Check out the FAQ!
Our Story
One Sunday afternoon - back when I was working for Teach for America in Mississippi and my brother was working and traveling on a yacht based out of Florida - I called my brother to catch up and share stories. We found ourselves wishing we had more pictures to better share our experiences. We both checked our phones and facebook and found a few pictures here and there, but nothing that captured the heart of our best stories and experiences – the ones that occur when you're focused on enjoying the moment and making the most of the experience. I guess we were too caught up in the fun to bother taking out our phones to take pictures. "If only there was another way to capture those moments," I thought. "We should just have someone following us around with a camera all night," my brother replied. Then it clicked – a wearable party camera! We would make the first hands-free, hassle free camera designed to capture the ridiculous antics and priceless moments – the ones you are just having way too much fun during to even think about taking out your camera for. And we have worked tirelessly ever since to create ReliveTONIGHT™, and bring partygoers everywhere the Nemesis Cam™
Our Vision
At ReliveTONIGHT™, we firmly believe in making the most out of every situation and encouraging everyone to get the most out of life. An old saying by Mark Twain says, "Dance like nobody's watching, sing like nobody's listening." Well, times have changed. With the Nemesis Cam™, dance like the world is watching, sing like everybody's listening! Make the most of your experience, relive the highlights over and over again, and share it with your friends and family! Because we believe that when the world is watching, people make the most of their lives!
Our Mission
Our mission at ReliveTONIGHT is to give our customers the opportunity to live and relive the greatest moments of their lives and the ability to share those moments with friends and family.
Our Commitment to Privacy
ReliveTONIGHT™ encourages Nemesis Cam™ users to use common sense, obey all laws, and be respectful. Any place where an individual is entitled to a reasonable expectation of privacy (i.e. bathrooms, bedrooms, etc.), video recording is strictly prohibited by law. Local governments and private establishments may also have additional laws and/or regulations regarding the use of cameras. ReliveTONIGHT stresses that all Nemesis Cam™ users obey such laws and regulations. In addition, if anyone asks you to turn the camera off, please respectfully do so. The Nemesis Cam's™ intended use is to be a fun way to relive the highlights of your social event. ReliveTONIGHT does not condone the use of its cameras in any way that violates the law.